Now that this is a single-operator DX'pedition by Rob M0VFC, the operation has had to be scaled back a little. This means that fewer bands and modes will be activated than originally planned.


Rob will be on Tristan for approximately one week only, so his main goal is to allow as many people as possible to get ZD9 in their log at least once, rather than concentrating on those aiming to work him on multiple slots. Please remember this before asking for specific bands or modes.

Bands & antennas

Rob will be concentrating on the higher bands, although some operation on 80m and 40m is possible. He will primarily be using 1/4wave verticals supported on fibreglass poles. He'll use an 18m Spiderbeam pole for 80m, 12m on 40m, and 10m poles on the higher bands.

There's unlikely to be time for 160m operation, as he can probably give more people the chance to work him on the higher bands. Rob will have a small 6m antenna with him and will be operational on 6m if the band is reasonably open. He may run a beacon if he's able to.


Rob's operation will mainly be on SSB. He will also be active on RTTY if time and pile-ups permit.

Note that RTTY isn't among his strong points, so be patient!

When Rob's away from the radio, he'll try and run WSPR, so look out for ZD9UW on WSPRnet.


Rob will mainly use an Elecraft K3 and linear amplifier, with an FT-450 as a backup rig.


You can use Club Log's excellent propagation tools to find the best times and bands to work ZD9UW. Go to the expedition page, then click "Geo Propagation" to see predictions between your location and Tristan.

Internet & DX Cluster access

Rob will not have Internet or DX Cluster access while operating. Please avoid asking questions in cluster spots - he won't see them.